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Kurgan Faust is a website dedicated to celebrating and promoting the culture and achievements of the descendants of the Proto-Indo-Europeans who, by combining the aesthetic inclinations of the Classical Civilisations with the all-consuming Faustian Drive, created a multitude of unique but spiritually-connected societies which have pushed us upwards away from the depths of barbarism and provided us with what Matthew Arnold labelled “Sweetness and Light”.

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The Culture section of Kurgan Faust will cover all aspects of what is often called “High Culture”: Philosophy, Literature, History, Art and Music (the Noble forms), Architecture, etc. 


The Kallos section of Kurgan Faust deals with beauty in all its forms (kallos is the Attic Greek word for “beauty”). This section deals not only with the appreciation of beauty in the world at large and in other individuals, but in cultivating beauty in one’s own self.


Many of the individuals and institutions that should be protecting, preserving, and propelling the Noble Faustian Spirit actually work towards ignoring or destroying it (sometimes unwittingly, sometimes intentionally). Because of this, that Noble Spirit – which cannot be entirely destroyed, only displaced – finds vivid expression in what some may call “Low Culture”. The Dionysia section of Kurgan Faust explores this phenomena.

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